Advertise in one of our Videos

We have designed a program that allows you to advertise for a fraction of the cost per CPM than all other forms of social media advertising. With the average cost per CPM of $4.00-$6.00 our cost is $1.00-$1.25. BUT more importantly we provide a guarantee. We will refund pro-rata your cost for any impressions not obtained.

The most important thing is our audience. We target followers with interests in boating, travel, adventure and island life. With this as our audience, your product/service will not only get seen by a guaranteed number of people, not only be at a rate 75% cheaper than other forms of advertising, but will be seen by your target audience. Now that is effective!

     Here is our brochure. Below this is our price sheet. —– CALL US OR EMAIL US TO GET STARTED.


We will insert your ad into the video, similar to a normal TV commercial: 30 second clip for $50.00 per video; 45-60 sec. $75/video

We will use your product and endorse during each video, up to 5 times per video: 1 exposure $75/video; 2 exposures $125/video; 3 exposures $175/video; 4 exposures $225/video and 5 exposures $250/video.